Benchmark Training

Educare is an industry leader in Training Benchmark B and offers one of the largest selection of courses for Australian businesses to meet Training Benchmark B requirements which are suitable for most occupations and industries. We tailor our courses to suit the needs of clients so that the training directly adds value to the bottom line by improving workplace productivity. We have training venues in all capital cities in Australia and deliver training Australia-wide.

As part of our services we also offer a free report on relevance of training for the business, which may be crucial for the success of the sponsorship obligation and on-going compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Benchmark B is only 1%— that’s half the expense of Training Benchmark A.

Training Benchmark B gives you the opportunity to upskill your own employees and improve workplace productivity, which adds direct value to the bottom line of your business.

Though the objective of this scheme is to train Australians, non-Australian employees can also be trained under this obligation as long as Australians are included in the training when the training is delivered to non-Australian employees. They can be employed by a company on full-time, part-time or even on a casual/contract basis.