The AQF facilitates the progression of students through qualifications by giving credit for learning outcomes they already have achieved. Credit outcomes may allow for entry into a qualification and/or provide credit towards the qualification. Credit given may reduce the time required for a student to achieve the qualification. RPL is one of a number of processes for establishing credit or advanced standing. RPL broadens access into formal learning by enabling credit to be given for student achievement though other formal, non-formal or informal learning. RPL involves issuing organisations undertaking an assessment of each individual who applies to determine the extent to which that individual’s previous learning is equivalent to the learning outcomes of the components of the destination qualification

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit transfer applies if you have already completed a particular unit within a course. In order to receive credit, you’ll need to provide a statement of attainment or a transcript that shows the unit as completed. If it was some time ago that you studied, one or more of the units you studied may have been superseded. This means that they have been updated, and you need to complete the unit again.

Recognition of Prior Learning applies if you haven’t studied the unit previously, or if you have but it’s been superseded, and you have sufficient experience in that particular area to prove you don’t need to study it again. If you think you could be eligible for a credit transfer, we can help you with this.

RPL can apply to a wide variety of industries.  We award qualifications to people in government, mining, Defence, emergency services and throughout the private sector. We offer qualifications through RPL in the areas of government and investigations, management and leadership, business, security and risk, WHS, training, community and youth work, counselling, early childhood, education and finance.